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We’re going to be OK :)

Today a series of very random events occurred which has me convinced that we’re going to be OK :)

  1. Someone at work asked if we were OK.
  2. We talked about the suicidal ideation on this blog and in a private forum.  There was no internal backlash as a result, and people didn’t reject us for the overwhelming emotions that were going on in this head.
  3. Thanks to a link to Musicovery given by Sam’s Bold and Creative Alter, One got to listen to some B.B. King and Van Morrison – we forgot how much some of us rely on music to soothe and restore energy.
  4. A job was advertised which would suit our skills perfectly.  It would give us job satisfaction and mean moving from this house which has so many bad memories associated with it.
  5. We went and got HEAPS of rental DVD’s to watch – some of which are 8 day hires.
  6. The nature of our Polyvore sets have changed…

5 days ago…

Broken dreams

4 days ago…


3 days ago…

Walking the line



This may look as if they’re getting darker – and they are in colour. But they’re now reaching out… Four and five days ago they were about suicide, three days ago it changed to walking a line and today it was about reaching out. The ones doing these sets are working through it!!!

We’re not out of danger by any means… but I’m certain we’re going to be safe.

I think I’ll still organise a few days off work as we’re heading into another review of the re-structuring process which is a layer of stress we just don’t need.

Thank you to everyone who has helped, commented and just been there for us over the last week. It is appreciated, more than you know…

When friendship stuns and amazes…

Today we talked to Kriss (friend from England), and are still a little stunned.  We were talking through IM and S came forward to “please” him.  Usually Kriss gently calls her out on it when he sees it happening and S laughs it off before returning from whence she came.  Today for some reason Kriss didn’t call her on it immediately – he didn’t engage in it, but just let her go for a little bit.  Then just gently asked her a few questions, starting off with the biggie:

“Why do you think I want that?”

S at this point called him several uncomplimentary names and told him to stop messing around with her.  But she stayed around, she didn’t disappear which is what she usually does when she’s spotted and not wanted around.  S is 13 and thinks very much in generalisations – “all men want to hurt”, “all men want just one thing” etc.  So when questioned she threw insults at him with a force.  But then something changed and she was telling him things that happened and why they happened.  Why the mother isn’t to be trusted and how people around us covered up the abuse.

S cried for the first time ever.  It was two tears, but it’s the most she has ever cried. As a result she now hates Kriss – how dare he make her say those things and make her cry.  Yes, she is 13 so will blame him.

We’re all stunned.  He listened, he asked gentle questions and tried to show S that not all men want to hurt.  After S left he needed a break – funny that.  We needed to be sick.  But he came back and kept talking to us.  He had some pretty disgusting concepts thrown at him – no real details as far as I know, just general statements. But he still wanted to talk to us.

After we checked that he was ok and didn’t hate us, we tried to divert the conversation to something “normal” – fixing his sister’s car, his rough week at work etc.  Well did that hack him off or what!  He wanted to know why we didn’t tell him how we were, if we were ok, if we were safe.  We didn’t give him the chance to ask those questions and he wanted to know why.  It’s an easy answer – we mean nothing, we’re worthless, so why would anyone care if we were going through something rough.  If we divert the conversation, it might help him forget that we’re damaged and what we’d just told him.  Also because of the compartmentalisation, we had no real awareness of what was said.  We knew secrets had been told because of the nausea, but no idea what they were.  So it’s easier to distract than to look at the reasons why the nausea is there.

As an indication of how well he knows us now, he then said we had to talk it out before saying bye for the night or else we’d worry about it for three days :)  Actually in this he was probably off – it would have been closer to a week, and by the end of the week we would have convinced ourselves that we had to run so our dirtiness didn’t touch him.

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