Trying to explain DID and time loss to a friend…

Last night was interesting…  We again struggled to sleep and ended up talking to Kriss (our friend in England) until about 3am.  We started off talking using Yahoo messenger, which allows us to be more open as there is an increased level of safety that comes from talking without hearing their voice change into the “good grief this chick is crazy” tone – Kriss has never done this with us, but there’s always that fear.

It was his birthday just after Christmas, and unfortunately it was on one of the days that we “lost” to the dissociation.  There was  a brief spot of lucidity when we tried to phone, but it was pretty short lived.  We tried to explain how we lose time – from just minutes through to weeks, and didn’t explain it all that well so ended up using going to Madagascar 2 to try and describe what happens…

Sophie, Buffie or Management will buy the tickets and get it all organised – making sure we’re on time, talking civilly to the mother etc.  But when the movie starts the usual “me” that Kriss talks to steps back and a 5 year old comes forward to watch the penguins, an 8 year old comes forward to watch the monkeys, the 5 year old comes back to watch the dancing and a 3 year old comes forward to watch the baby animals.

Sophie, Buffie or Management have little knowledge of the movie and just lose that time to those other parts.  Sophie has some awareness of it to ensure safety, but that’s it.  She was told that this one wasn’t as good as the first one, and even the “Move it” song wasn’t as much fun.

We think he’s starting to understand it a little more, which is a bit scary.  He also picked up when he started talking to Management rather than Buffie – that is unusual in that it’s such a smooth transition that most people don’t pick it up unless Management is suffering badly from hayfever…

So this is how the rest of us explain the dissociation and time loss, the librarian is going to write something about it later to look at it from a more peer reviewed, research point of view…


2 Responses to “Trying to explain DID and time loss to a friend…”

  1. 1 davidrochester December 30, 2008 at 5:48 am

    I’ll be interested to read more about this. Time loss is the one DID marker that I’ve never had, so when my parts “front”, I experience it as irrational emotions or thoughts about the situation (such as, “I have no idea who this person is” although I know perfectly well it’s a client whom I’ve seen before). That in itself is pretty frightening; I imagine that actually losing time/experience completely would be much harder to deal with.

  2. 2 castorgirl December 31, 2008 at 10:22 pm


    I’m going to have to break it up into smaller snippets for me to deal with, but I’ll look at the time loss first.

    Sometimes the time loss for us can be amusing – coming back to find that we’ve got our hands deep in a pile of stuffed toys at a department store. Sometimes it’s scary or worrying – the comments of “are you ok?” or “you weren’t yourself in that meeting” makes us wonder what in the world has happened…

    Take care,

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